Tired of the never ending battle with mould in your house? We have a solution that will make life easier for you!

In our shops you will find a range of anti-mould products like Mould Spray, Anti Mould Clear Coat or Anti Mould Paint. 

HG Mould Spray immediately eliminates all moulds, making filthy black stains disappear. Suitable for tiles, silicon seals, plaster, tile walls, seals in the swimming pool, garage, shed, sauna and conservatory.

Anti-Mould Clear Coat allows you to keep your walls and ceilings the colour you want. Can be put over any colour emulsion. Stays mould free for up to 6 years.

Anti-Mould Paint is great for kitchens, bathrooms, basements or any rooms where mould could be a problem. It'll stop mould from growing on your walls or ceilings.

Stops mould growth with VC175 Mould Killer. Just add to paint, mortar, grout or adhesives.

BIN is the ultimate primer, sealer and stain killer. It is perfect for use on interior surfaces and spot priming of exterior surfaces.


Say goodbye to mould - Try our products!